One Month with Andie Mae

Brand New Family

Andie turned ONE MONTH old on Saturday (April 15th), and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. How are you already a month old, sweet girl?! Even though it’s only been a month, I can’t remember life without her. I’ve come to realize that one can’t fully understand motherhood until one becomes a mother. Motherhood has changed me. It feels good and it hurts all at once. It is challenging but so fulfilling. It is your heart living on the outside of your body, and it is both wonderful and terrifying. It has a way of bringing you to your knees, because the love you’re experiencing is so overwhelming all you can do is pray. You will become extremely protective and oh so selfless. However, you’ll want to be selfish with your time because time feels like your worst enemy. Motherhood is sweat and tears (so many tears). It is diaper changes and feedings. It is days running into nights and nights running into days. It is lack of sleep, too much coffee, and not near enough showers. It is looking at your husband and missing the way things used to be. It is also watching your husband be a daddy and knowing you would never go back to the way things used to be if you could. Motherhood gives life a whole new meaning. Your appreciation and love for your husband will multiply times a billion. You will begin to dream new dreams. Your priorities will change. When the night finally gets quiet (you’re never quite sure how long the quiet will last) and you’re thanking God for helping you get through another day, you’ll know it’s all worth it – the good days/nights and the bad days/nights, the fears you’re already having about the future, all of it – because it forces you to depend on and trust God in a way you never have before, and you’ll find comfort in knowing His love for His child far outweighs yours.

Brand New

One Month

Andie’s Size: Andie’s birth weight and length (on March 15th) was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long. At her first doctor’s appointment (on April 3rd), she weighed exactly 7 pounds and was 19.75 inches long. My doctor kept telling Greg and I that she was going to be a “big baby” and weigh over 8 pounds…nope! She’s tiny. Even newborn size clothing swallowed her at first, but she’s finally starting to grow into them. We had bought a lot of 0-3 month clothing that is still just way to big for her, so we did have to do some shopping for more newborn sized things after she was born. Carters brand newborn size clothing and Pampers newborn diapers both fit her perfectly right now. I think she is going to look just like her daddy and be built just like her mama.

Andie’s Sleep: It took us a couple of weeks to start having consistent “good” nights, but she’s become a pretty great sleeper. (I will talk more about our schedule below.) She likes being held to sleep, and then once she gets good asleep I put her in her rock ‘n play that’s by the bed, which is what she’s sleeping in right now. Occasionally, she will wake up before feeding time, but she also self-soothes pretty well and will put herself back to sleep most of the time. In the beginning, I picked her up if I heard the faintest whimper… Oh, how far we’ve come! Before I had her, I was “that mom-to-be” that swore I’d have her in her crib on night one, but that didn’t happen. And honestly, once I had her in my arms, I didn’t want it to. I would like to have her sleeping in her own crib/room by month three, but right now I’m enjoying falling asleep to her sweet breaths and waking up to her soft whimpers and sometimes loud screams.

Andie’s Schedule: I will start with her 8:00 pm feeding. *Sometimes these times will change because we’ll feed on demand a little early or because she’s starting to sleep a little longer in the night.

8:00 pm

At 8:00 pm, Daddy will feed her, and then we will try to put her down “for the night.” Once we get her to sleep, I like to try and put her down in the bedroom in her rock ‘n play, but I’ll admit that doesn’t always happen. A lot of times after this feeding, we’ll put her down in between us on the couch in her boppy lounger while we eat dinner and watch our shows. We feed her again at 11:00 pm, and a lot of times she won’t stay asleep until then anyway. Greg and I are usually in bed by 10:00 pm, so if she has woken up, I’ll hold her to sleep in the bed and then put her down until she wakes up for her next feeding. This doesn’t give me much time to sleep, so I’ll usually stay awake and read or watch tv.

11:00 pm

At 11:00 pm, I’ll feed her and put her right back down. We are usually up for about 30 minutes, so I can finally go to sleep around 11:30 pm. I don’t change her diaper at this time unless she is poopy. At first, Greg and I were changing her diaper before every feeding at night, and it was waking her up way to much. I did some research and found that it’s okay to only change her at night if her diaper is leaking or if she’s poopy.

2:00 am

At 2:00 am, I’ll feed her and put her right back down. Again, we are usually up for about 30 minutes, and I only change her diaper at this time if it is leaking or if she’s poopy.

5:00 am

At 5:00 am, I’ll change her diaper and then feed her. Greg is usually getting up for the day at this time, which is nice because we can talk a little and he can see her before leaving the house to go workout and go to work. She usually stays awake for a hour to a hour and a half at this time, so I’ll turn the coffee pot on and turn the news on in the bedroom. She is also usually very happy at this time, so I take in all of her sweet smiles and talk to her and sing to her until she goes back to sleep. If I’m exhausted, I’ll go back to sleep too, but if I feel rested, I’ll pour a cup of coffee, empty and load the dishwasher, start laundry, and then get back in bed and do my devotional.

8:00 am

At 8:00 am, I’ll feed her and put her right back down. At this time, she is usually up for 30 minutes or less and will go back down until 11:00 am. I only change her diaper at this time if it’s leaking or if she’s poopy. On my exhausted days, I’ll continue to sleep too, but if it’s a day I’ve gotten up then I will try to shower and get ready, or if I’ve showered the night before, I will stay in bed with my coffee and watch Good Morning America while reading blogs, or writing, or just getting stuff done that I need to do.

11:00 am

At 11:00 am, I’ll feed her, and then we’re both up for the day. I’ll change her diaper and change her out of her pajamas into her clothes for the day. After I change her, we (including Kliff) will sit in her rocking chair and I’ll read them both a Jesus story out of her bible. Greg usually comes home for lunch around 11:30 am, so he usually gets home to see her before I put her down for a nap.

2:00 pm

At 2:00 pm, I’ll feed her and then change her. After that, she’ll spend some time on her play mat or in her mamaroo. I like to stimulate her at this time because she will get worn out and put herself to sleep either on her play mat or in her mamaroo. If she falls asleep on her play mat, I will move her to her rock ‘n play or her boppy lounger, but if she falls asleep in her mamaroo I’ll leave her there to nap.

5:00 pm

At 5:00 pm, I’ll feed her, or if Greg has gotten home early he’ll feed her, and then one of us will change her. At this time, her and her daddy will have bonding time so I can finish laundry, cook dinner, etc. Before her 8:00 pm feeding, we’ll change her diaper and change her into her pajamas. When we put her in her pajamas, we also wrap her in a blanket. When I change her out of her pajamas during the day, I take the blanket away. This way, she knows blanket is associated with night and no blanket is associated with day. She also has bath time twice a week, so on nights that we give her a bath we’ll do it before her 8:00 pm feeding. Since she only bathes twice a week, I use baby face wipes daily when I change her out of her pajamas to wash her face and neck. I also use baby aquaphor on her diaper area to protect her skin from getting diaper rash. I’ll also use the baby aquaphor on her dry skin spots. I don’t use lotion on her.

*I’ll change her diaper at other times during the day if she needs a diaper change.

*After she wakes up for the day, nap times are hit or miss. Sometimes she’ll nap for 3 hours, and sometimes she’ll nap for 15 – 30 minutes. On the days that don’t stick to the schedule, we just go with the flow.

*Again, her feeding times change a lot because we’ll sometimes feed her on demand a little early or she’ll sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time during the night or go over her feeding time when she’s napping. Sometimes she sleeps for 4-5 hours at a time. Our pediatrician informed us at our first appointment that she will let us know when she’s hungry. Since she is starting to sleep longer periods of time during the night and sometimes napping through her feeding times during the day, we will probably increase her ounces of formula soon. (I will talk more about that below.)

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding: Greg and I decided pretty early on in my pregnancy that we wanted to formula feed her from the beginning. Of course, I heard so many different opinions on this topic, but after talking to our pediatrician about it I knew we had made the best decision for us. We both agreed that we wanted to know exactly how much she was getting during feedings. I also wanted him to be able to feed her for bonding. I have not regretted our decision at all. The hospital started her on Similac Pro-Advance Ready to Feed in the 2 ounce bottles. She started at less than 2 ounces and she is now taking 3 ounces at each feeding. (We will probably start increasing that to 4 ounces soon as she starts sleeping for longer periods of time at night.) After her first doctor’s appointment, we tried changing her to the Similac Pro-Advance Powder, but that did not go over well. She was only making it about a hour before she would get hungry again, and the only thing I could think was that since it is mixed with water she wasn’t getting as full. Currently, we are using the Similac Pro-Advance Ready to Feed in the 1 quart bottles and using a bottle warmer since it has to be refrigerated.

Andie’s Developmental Milestones: She has been pretty strong since she was born. The night she was born, when the nurse put her on my chest for skin to skin time, she was able to raise her head. Obviously she wasn’t able to hold it up, but I was pretty impressed that she was already able to do that. Now, she is able to raise her head for short periods of time and look up at you and look around with some control. She has also started tracking things with her eyes and is making eye contact, which I absolutely adore. About two days before her one month birthday, she started smiling, which I also absolutely adore.

Andie Loves:

  • bath time
  • being held/cuddled/snuggled
  • car rides
  • her hands
  • music – She loves for me to sing “You Are My Sunshine” to her, and she also loves when I play instrumental lullabies on my phone.
  • her pacifier

Andie Hates:

  • being swaddled

Andie is looking forward to:

  • tummy time – Our pediatrician said we can start tummy time when she’s 6 weeks old!
  • getting out and about after getting her first round of vaccines at her two month doctor’s appointment

One Month Outtake

^real life (haha) #outtake


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