Weekend Recap: One Year Wedding Anniversary

Greg and I’s one year wedding anniversary was yesterday (April 9th), so we spent the weekend spending quality time together and reminiscing on our first year of marriage.

We’ve always enjoyed staying in on Friday nights for date nights at home, and last Friday night was no different. We ordered pizza, got comfy on the couch (with Andie and Kliff in the middle), and caught up on one of our favorite shows (#scandal). I’m thankful I found someone who loves staying in and watching tv as much as I do. (Babe, here’s to many more date nights on the couch in our loosies. #myhappyplace)

Andie spoiled us on Saturday and slept until 11:00 am. And then Greg spoiled me – him and Andie had a father/daughter day at home and let me get out of the house for awhile. I spent over a hour in Target, got a pedicure and a manicure, and shopped for Andie at Carters. Right now, Carters newborn is the only brand/size that fits our little seven pounder. When I got home, they continued to spoil me by letting me take a looong shower and get ready (makeup included). The entire day was much needed. After Andie was born, we agreed we weren’t going to take her out to public places until after her first round of vaccines, which she’ll get at her two month appointment, so this mama has been struggling a little bit with cabin fever. While I was getting ready, Greg opened a bottle of Bello cabernet sauvignon, one of the bottles we brought back from Napa on our honeymoon. I made him promise he wouldn’t open any of our best bottles while I was pregnant, so it made it that much more special. After we both finished getting ready, we dropped Andie off at Grandad and Lizzie’s for a couple of hours while we enjoyed dinner for two at our favorite restaurant in town, Pelican’s. And we talked about Andie the majority of the time. Before we left, we became #17 on the waiting list for a wine locker at Pelican’s (one of Greg’s dreams is to own a wine locker at Pelican’s), and our waitress informed us only one became available over the last year. Just ONE. We made a deal we would only ask where we are on the list every year on our anniversary. We could be celebrating our 50th before we ever get one of those lockers.

One Year Wedding Anniversary

One Year Wedding Anniversary w: Andie

When we got home, we put Andie to bed and popped in our wedding DVD. We’re going to make it a tradition to watch it every year and include the kid(s) too. I’m thankful we have  our ceremony on video to watch again and again, and I’m already certain there’s nothing funnier than watching your wedding guests whip and nae nae years later.

Andie spoiled us on Sunday too and slept until 11:00 am again. After we finally got out of bed, we just moved to the living room and spent the day watching the Masters and the Rangers. I had to email our wedding photographers the images I want in our coffee table book. Yes, I only had a year to get it done. Yes, I procrastinated until the very last second. But it was fun looking through all of our pictures again on our anniversary. Here are some of my favorites…











Happy One Year Anniversary, Babe! The weekend was wonderful. Life with you, Andie, and Kliff is the life I’ve always dreamed of and prayed for. Thank you for being such an amazing husband and daddy. I love you!